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1. They had a big fight and stopped talking to each other but I talked to them and ……….. Finally, they became friends again

A. fight B. talk to them C. brought them together D. bring them here

2. You have to play with all your friends. Don’t leave any of your friends alone because they will feel …………

A. leaving B. left C. life D. left out

3. I haven’t seen her for a long time. I really want to see her so much because I ……….. her

A. miss B. Mrs. C. Misse D. Mess

4. This factory is a modern factory. It has all the new ………. and machines in the market

A. modern B. mechanics C. devices D. divides

5. All doctors like to read the medical ………… It gives them new information in the field of medicine

A. clinics B. periodicals C. field D. medicine

6. On ………. of all the members of my family, I welcome you to our house

A. time B. half C. myself D. behalf

7. It is very important to have all the new ……….. in your company. Things like computers, copiers, faxes, etc.

A. things B. technology C. computers D. employees

8. We need to develop our countries at all times. “Develop” means :

A. to copy B. increase C. to build and modernize D. bigger

9. ………… work is very important for science. These different studies for different things have variety of results that will benefit the world

A. science B. paper C. devices D. research

10. I am happy to work for this company. They give all kind of ………. that you need in your work

A. facilities B. employees C. companies D. paper

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