The Airplane Exam

Online English Conversation Courses The Airplane Assignment

1. Please allow me to ………. miss Dina Baraat to you. She is my sister.

A. Say

B. Introduce C. Tell D. Make

2. Are you sure of what you’re saying? Yes, I am ……….

A. Okay B. Know C. Positive D. Saying

3. This pair of shoes is very small. It does not ………. my feet

A. See B. Believe C. Take D. Fit

4. This heat is ………. me. It is very hot today.

A. Bad B. Hot C. Cold D. Bothering

5. Mr. Clark is a generous ………… All the guests were very pleased at the party he had in his house yesterday.

A. Guest B. Host C. People D. Family

6. The opposite of tie is :

A. Fasten B. Tie up C. Unfasten D. Lock

7. “Please give me this book”, she said. “………….” he said.

A. Take it B. Here you are C. Give it to me D. Come in, please

8. This is a fire ……….. It puts off the fire. The fire fighters use it.

A. Engine B. Water C. Extinguisher D. Pipe

9. “Hello. Is that Mrs. Heraud’s?” the man asked. “No, I’m sorry it’s not.” the other man answered. “oh! I’m sorry. I got ………..”

A. Mixed up B. Wrong C. Correct D. Mistake

10. The plane took off. The opposite is :

A. The plane went a way B. The plane ran up C. The plane went of D. The plane landed

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