Taxi Exam

Online English Conversation Courses Taxi Assignment

1. When I say “I am safe and sound” I mean:

A. I have a loud voice
B. Every thing is okay
C. I can not hear your voice
D. Never mind

2. Ride and lift are:

A. Opposite
B. One is better than the other
C. Have the same meaning
D. Not matching

3. To charge some one is to:

A. Take money from him
B. Give him some dollars
C. To be angry at him
D. Put him in trouble

4. “This is easy. I can do it in no time.” It means: ……….

A. I have no time
B. There is no time left
C. It will take a long time
D. It will take a very short time

5. A strap is something we tie things with. It is made of: ………..

A. Metal
B. Leather
C. Water
D. Wood

6. When you walk and some one comes in front of you and takes your place he ………. you.

A. Places
B. Teases you
C. Cuts you
D. Instead of you

7. One of the following has the same meaning of a taxi: ……….

A. Van
B. Car
C. Cab
D. Motorcycle

8. The taxi-cab draws up at the curb. It means:……….

A. It pushes the curb
B. It approaches the curb
C. It goes away from the curb
D. It runs over the curb

9. What is the opposite of rear?

A. Beside
B. Back
C. On the right
D. Front

10. The driver speeds up to get home early. “speeds up” means:

A. Drives upwards
B. Drives carefully
C. Drives very fast
D. Drives carelessly

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