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1. He had high scores this semester. Next semester he will not pay any money to the University. He will study for free. The University has given him a ……….

A. money B. chance C. scholarship D. term

2. The doctor told the nurse to watch the patient carefully. She should call the doctor immediately if she notices a ………. change in the patient

A. significant B. sick C. some D. hospital

3. The government takes good care of its ………. They have fought for the freedom of their own country long time ago. Now we have to look after them because they are very old

A. people

B. veterans C. men D. army

4. There are many buildings in the University ………..

A. campus B. building C. library D. counsel

5. All doctors have to ……….. themselves with the most recent discoveries in medicine

A. teach B. tell C. discover D. update

6. Of course I remember him. He was my ………. in the University, ten years ago

A. friend B. colleague C. school D. graduate

7. The United Nation’s ………. is in New York

A. employees B. university C. volunteer D. headquarters

8. She is not a paid nurse. She is a ………. She takes care of the sick people and does not expect any reward 

A. volunteer B. hospital C. patient D. medicine

9. The United Nations is an international ………..

A. office B. building C. volunteer D. organization

10. Excuse me, sir. I want to inquire about the prices of the new houses you are building in our area. Inquire means :

A. ask B. know C. buy a house D. go to university

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