Student Council Exam

Online English Conversation Courses Student Council Assignment

1. We can be stronger together. Let’s ………..

A. be stronger
B. join forces
C. go together
D. become strong

2. He know what we all want. We will choose him to ……….. us

A. council
B. elect
C. represent
D. encourage

3. We have a great ………. in our city. All the people like to help each other

A. country
B. service
C. source
D. community

4. This new employee is very ……….. He wants to start his work immediately. He is a hard worker

A. enthusiastic
B. encouraging
C. freshmen
D. employer

5. Your need for money is not a problem any more. I will give you some money. Replace “a problem” with the right word :

A. a resource
B. an issue
C. an problem
D. a deal

6. You look very worried. Please tell me all your ……….

A. ideas
B. concerns
C. services
D. mind

7. Old books are good ……….. for researches

A. place
B. work
C. resources
D. friends

8. I always do my best in class but my teacher does not say a good word to me. She never ……….. me

A. good
B. tells
C. encourages
D. concerns

9. I always attend all my university’s ……….. every year. I like them all but I like the students day and the football championship the best

A. feasts
B. matches
C. annual anniversary
D. special events

10. The opposite of senior student is :

A. third year
B. second year student
C. freshman student
D. fourth year

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