Picnic Exam

Online English Conversation Courses Picnic Assignment

1. The sky is full of clouds today. So, today is ……….

A. not sunny B. cloudy C. raining D. clouds

2. He always makes you help him in his homework

A. advantage B. time C. help D. study

3. Indoors is the ……….of outdoors

A. same B. equal C. different D. opposite

4. He is very noisy, talkative and asks too many questions. He gets on my nerves. He is really ………..

A. talking too much B. annoying C. angry D. noisy

5. In summer, it is hot but in Winter, it is ……….

A. wind B. cooling C. chilly D. rather hot

6. Oh! I forgot to ………. to you that Dina is coming tomorrow for dinner

A. tell B. mention C. go D. told

7. During strong thunder storms we see thunder and ………. in the sky

A. light B. lighting C. lightening D. lightning

8. Two things I hate in Summer, the high temperature and the ……….. The high temperature makes me hot the other makes me feel wet and damp

A. heat B. wet C. humidity D. cool

9. I do not go the park regularly. I just go ………..

A. every now and then B. all the time C. most of the time D. usually

10. I don’t like too much spices in my food. It hurts my tongue and stomach. I like my spices to be ………., not too spicy and not without spices. I actually, like it medium

A. good B. mild C. hot D. not too much

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