On The Phone Exam

Online English Conversation Courses On The Phone Assignment

1. “Pick up the phone” means :

A. choose it B. hold the phone set in your hand and answer it C. ring D. call some one

2. “Invoice” means :

A. a voice that comes from inside B. low voice C. a bill D. a bell

3. When Mr. Taylor says “come on Mr. Heraud it’s nothing” he means by ” come on :

A. please come and visit me B. don’t say that C. come over D. go home

4. To call some one in the phone you need to :

A. pick up the phone B. answer the phone C. dial the number D. return his call

5. When you call some one and hear the answering machine what do you do ?

A. You leave your name, phone number and a brief message B. You hang up the phone C. You call later D. You feel bad

6. To hang up the phone is to :

A. Answer the phone B. Call some one C. Dial a number D. End the call and put the phone set in its place

7. To celebrate something is to :

A. feel happy about it B. make a party for it C. invite your family D. go to have dinner

8. You say: “I am very indebted to you” when :

A. You are indebt and owe some one a some of money B. You are happy C. You are grateful and you want to thank him D. You owe him or her a favor

9. The opposite of brief :

A. long and big B. medium C. message D. believe

10. Mr. Taylor is :

A. Acustomer B. A CPA C. An employee at Heraud’s office D. Mr. Heraud’s employer

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