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1. This is a perfectly amazing idea! What does that mean ?

A. It is a very good idea B. It is a surprising idea C. I can not understand your idea D. It is not a perfect idea

2. The policeman was ………. the suspect

A. behind B. chasing C. angry D. running

3. Are you ………..? You can’t be serious

A. here B. clowning C. joking D. seriously

4. All this fume and noise are very bad for the ……….

A. us B. environment C. sound D. evolution

5. The evolution of the plant means :

A. Its shape B. It is old C. Its change and growth D. Theory

6. The great scientists and thinkers left a big number of ………. in Mathematics, Geometry and Physics

A. developing B. theories C. problems D. thinking

7. By the beginning of the year two thousands we started the twenty first ………

A. year B. thousand C. fossils D. century

8. I do not like sudden changes. I like to do things ………

A. suddenly B. totally C. step D. gradually

9. Please, do not ……… things from peoplelike that. If you want to take something you have to ask first before you take it

A. quickly B. fast C. snatch D. run

10. Our …………, the Pharaohs built the greatest civilization on earth

A. ancestors B. family C. history D. parents

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