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1. A CPA is :

A. Certificate B. An accountant that is certified by the government C. A certification degree D. An accountant that has a university degree

2. When something is “urgent” it is :

A. Good B. Fast and quickly C. Critical and important D. Bad

3. “I am coming right away” means :

A. I am on the way
B. I am on the right side of the way C. I am coming far away D. I am coming immediately

4. The word “find out” can be replaced by :

A. Look for B. Discover C. Search D. Find something out side

5. Oh dear” is said when :

A. You hear news B. You feel happy because you saw your dear friend C. You hear serious news D. You feel tired

6. Before you go to see some one at his office you should take:

A. permission B. an appointment C. a guarantee D. an agreement

7. Some one you know looks very sad. You ask him :

A. How are you ? B. Where are you ? C. What are you doing ? D. What’s wrong ?

8. Working all day is very :

A. nice B. tired C. exhausting D. exhausted

9. It took sally ten Hours to finish one exercise only. You tell her :

A. It took you forever to finish your home work B. Why are you being late ? C. You took a long time o finish your homework D. Answers A and B are both correct

10. Definitely means :

A. Okay B. Certainly C. Of course D. None of the above answers

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