Before Traveling Exam

Online English Conversation Courses Before Traveling Assignment

1. She is my Aunt’s daughter. He is my Uncle’s son. They are my:

A. Brothers
B. Siblings
C. Parents
D. Cousins

2. The opposite of unhappy is :

A. Satisfied
B. Sad
C. Not happy
D. Not satisfied

3. They have the same parents but they are two girls and three boys. They are all : ……….

A. Brothers
B. Siblings
C. Sisters
D. Cousins

4. I am putting all my things in this box so, I am ……….

A. Going away
B. Bag
C. Packing
D. Luggage

5. You need to get a ……… before you enter a country

A. Paper
B. Documents
C. Visa
D. Bag

6. He is working in a ship. He serves the passengers traveling on the ship. He is one of the ……….

A. Passengers
B. Crew
C. People
D. Travelers

7. Please finish your home work and ………. it before next week.

A. Give
B. Put
C. Submit
D. Take

8. He has just arrived at the airport. He had a terrible ……….

A. Airplane
B. Flight
C. Journey
D. Time

9. How long will it take to finish your work? “I can’t give you a time………. “, She replied

A. Range
B. Hour
C. Day
D. Watch

10. We are going to Alexandria by train. We need to ……….. our tickets before we go.

A. Have been
B. Book
C. Give
D. Borrow

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