At The Restaurant Exam

Online English Conversation Courses At The Restaurant Assignment

1. We eat three ……….. a day

A. Meats B. Means C. Meals D. Meets

2. “After taking this medicine you might feel sleepy.” The doctor said. “Oh, speaking of sleepiness, I feel sleepy most of the time.” Said the patient. Speaking of sleepiness means:

A. As we speak about sleepiness B. Why are you speaking about sleepiness C. I am speaking of sleepiness D. I don’t feel sleep when I speak

3. When some one meets you for the first time and says: “I am pleased to meet you.” You say:

A. I am pleased too B. We are both pleased C. What a pleasure! D. The pleasure is mine

4. What is the opposite of : “fond of it” ?

A. Love it B. Hate it C. I don’t care D. Very much

5. When a place is empty, it is :

A. Vacant B. No one C. Full D. Extremely

6. When you are very hungry, you are :

A. Have no food B. Starving C. Full D. Eating

7. After we eat a meal, we have :

A. Lunch B. Dinner C. Dessert D. Breakfast

8. When you meet some one you know in an unexpected place. You are surprised. So, you say :

A. Who are you ? B. Hello C. How are you ? D. What a coincidence ?

9. I smell something yummy “means” :

A. You like it B. You hate it C. You are not sure D. You can’t smell well

10. I was so lucky. I caught the last bus to Heliopolis

A. He held the bus in his hand B. He was able to get on the bus at the last minute C. He missed the bus D. He had no time for the bus

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