At The Mall Exam

Online English Conversation Courses At The Mall Assignment

1. Let’s go to the information desk and ask for:

A. Question B. Money C. Help D. Stores

2. People go to the mall for :

A. Shopping B. Tourism C. Business D. Help

3. “Up coming” means:

A. Coming upwards B. Coming soon C. Come upstairs D. Come with me

4. The opposite of ” enormous” :

A. Big B. Great C. Tiny D. Medium

5. A brochure is :

A. A map B. Note book C. Copy book D. A small booklet

6. I would rather start means :

A. I seldom start B. I prefer to start C. Refuse to start D. Dislike to start

7. “Any time, dear” means :

A. All the time B. Any time of the day C. Your welcome D. At what time ?

8. A department store is a place where people buy :

A. Clothes, electronics, footwear, jewelry, food and drugs B. Apartments, buildings and houses C. Services such as: transportation and communication D. Air line tickets

9. Footwear includes

A. Women’s clothes B. Washing machines C. Boots D. Leather

10. “That sounds great” means:

A. I hear you perfectly B. That seems very good and I like it C. The sound is high D. This is noisy

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