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1. He says it is the truth but I have some doubts about what he says.

A. I am sure he is right
B. I don’t know what he said C. He is a liar D. I am not sure about the truth and I think he might not be telling the truth

2. People who like adventures ………..

A. Are crazy B. Love danger C. Are lazy D. Are taxi-drivers

3. To approach someone is to:

A. Get closer to him B. Go away from him C. Stand with him D. Ask about him

4. The opposite of a double room is :

A. One room B. A room is a hotel C. A single room D. Two rooms

5. To be a resident of some place is to :

A. Permanently live there B. Temporarily live there C. Live some where else D. Live there for two weeks

6. When something is very beautiful, It’s ……….

A. Beautiful B. Magnificent C. Quiet D. Nice

7. I love this arm chair. It makes me comfortable. It is very ……….

A. Big B. Small C. Cozy D. Sofa

8. When some one says ” sorry for the inconvenience I caused you.” You say ” ………..”

A. I don’t care B. Get away C. I am sorry too D. No harm done

9. I am very tired. I need to ………..

A. Get some sleep B. Go C. Sleeping D. Get away

10. “When I explain it to you, you will understand it, eventually.” That means:

A. By the end you will understand it B. You will never understand it C. You will understand it immediately D. You can’t understand it

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