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1. The opposite of withdrawal is :

A. take B. in draw C. deposit D. check

2. To deposit money is to :

A. take the money from the bank B. put the money in a bank account C. donate D. give money to some one

3. People say, “What in the world is wrong” when, for example :

A. They withdraw money from a bank B. You are surprised and don’t understand why your friend is shouting at you C. People are sad D. You hear good news

4. To Access means :

A. to enter or be admitted and approved B. to take more than you should C. excess D. to deposit money at the bank

5. To make any kind of transaction at the bank you should go to:

A. the security man B. the bank manager C. a customer D. the Cashier / Teller / Clerk

6. Deposits and withdrawals are :

A. a bank B. account C. transactions D. customer service

7. The opposite of deny :

A. refuse and reject B. accept and approve C. transactions D. deposit and withdrawals

8. “I want my money ten-dollar bill and ten singles” The word single stands for :

A. not married B. one C. not plural D. one dollar bill

9. When some one says” thank you”, you replay :

A. you are welcome B. don’t mention C. it’s all right D. A, Band C are all correct

10. “Joint and Separate” are :

A. the same meaning B. opposites C. not related D. almost the same

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